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The Trial of the Tower

Podan the Humble

Mushin's Tower was built by the Naryu people in order to train Mushin during his youth. Each floor has a different challenge to overcome. As we've opened the doors to the world, warriors have flocked to try to master the tower themselves. I'm glad there's still a drive to achieve in the world.

You should do your best to reach the top as well. It'll be good for you! Meet me up on the first floor and I'll show you the ropes.
  • Defeat the challengers at Mushin's Tower - 1F
  • Defeat the Silver Deva at Mushin's Tower - 2F
  • Defeat the challengers at Mushin's Tower - 3F
  • Cooperate with a challenger to defeat the Pale Stalker Jiangshi at Mushin's Tower - 4F
  • Speak with Podan the Humble
Money:   58  
XP:   4500
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