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Heaven's Mandate

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Heaven's Mandate
Title Money XP Items Select one Area
Rose from the Past 2   11   9000
Heaven's Mandate
Name Type
Frozen Stinger Upgrade Material
Black Rose Feather Consumable
Honorary Ornament Crafting Material
Masterwork Soul Shield Primer Design Crafting Material
Mirage Crystal Crafting Material
Petal of Lament Fragment
Hongmoon Duster Costume
Alpine Ring Ring
Alpine Necklace Necklace
Alpine Earring Earring
Alpine Belt Belt
Alpine Bracelet Bracelet
Forgekeeper Secret Technique - Silverfrost Secret Recipe
Radiant Ring Secret Technique - Silverfrost Secret Recipe
Naryu Tablet Upgrade Material
Gem Hammer Upgrade Material
Extravagant Fragment Pouch Container
Stylish Fragment Pouch Container
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