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Chilling Flame Elixir

Fully Recovers Hp and Focus
Hongmoon Secret Technique contains special skills exclusive to different classes

Force Master: Dragonchar (2) Tier 5 Stage 1/3/4
Summoner: Anklebiter (V) Tier 5 Stage 2/3
Blade Master: Pierce (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 2/3
Blade Dancer: Sunder (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 2/3
Assassin: Heart Stab (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 1
Kung Fu Master: Swift Strike (2) Tier 5 Stage 1/2/4
Destroyer: Cleave (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 1/3/4
Warlock: Bombardment (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 1/2/4
Soul Fighter: Cobalt Punch (RMB) Tier 5 Stage 1/3
Chilling Flame Elixir
Name Profession
Chilling Flame Elixir Combining
Name Vendor Requires
Chilling Flame Elixir Zen Bean Trader 1v1 / Tag Match Gold Rank or Heigher
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