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Shattered Masts

Stage 1: Corrupted Ice & Fire Snake

Ice Snake Normal Attack:
Tail Smack (can be cc), Frontal Normal Attack, Spin 3 rounds, Frontal Ice Spray, Circular Ice Burst
* cc = crowd control / disable

Fire Snake Normal Attack:
Tail Smack (can be cc) , Tail Smack x 2 , Spin 3 rounds, Flame Thrower, Frontal Normal Attack

Fire & Ice Flower

After depleting every 10% HP for 4-man, or 20% HP for 6-man, the snakes will summon 3 fire flowers and 3 ice flowers.

Both bosses will curl up and summon a shield (last 25sec) which can reflect damage when you attack them; the buff from the flowers render you immune to the reflected damage.

Fire flower buff = resist reflect damage from Ice Snake
Ice flower buff = resist reflect damage from Fire Snake

However, you are only allowed to take up to 3 stacks of the same buff. If you take 4 x fire/ice flower in a row, you will die instantly. Taking the flower buff of opposite color, immediately resets the buff of the other element. Taking the flower of opposite color also reset your aggro.

For example, if you are fighting Ice Snake, you are supposed to take up to 3 x fire buff only. After that, take ice flower buff instead and switch to Fire Snake.

If you leave the fire/ice flower on the field for too long, the bosses will absorb them and heal massive amount of HP.

Special Skills

Asides from the normal skills, both bosses will cast special skills after every 10% HP decrease (20% for 6-man).

Ice Bomb
The ice snake will throw 4 x ice bombs on the main aggro holder, leaving behind ice circle on the ground which deals continuous damage.

Martial Dance
After curling up, the fire snake will cast the 4 x hit martial dance, aiming first at the further member from it and subsequently other nearby members. After that, it will cast 2 x Flame Thrower on the main aggro holder.

Stage 2: Blast Demon King, Guwajin

This the simplest boss in The Shattered Masts. It comes with 2 smaller clones of himself and will summon more adds during the battle. Just make sure to clear the adds during battle.

No special mechanics.

Stage 3: Torrent Demon King, Taikan

The final boss of The Shattered Masts is the corrupted version of the grandfather of Pohwaran.

Boss Normal Attack:
Left arm swing, Right arm swing, Double hand smack, 360 degree spin, Thomas flair (can be cc)

Corrupted Water (Mode 1)

At 90% Hp, he will grab a blob of corrupted water and throw it in the frontal direction. The whole field will be covered with the corrupted water, except for the small circle spot where the blob of water lands.

Standing in the corrupted water will stack 1 debuff every 2 sec, each stack deal 180 damage (120 damage for easy mode) per 2 second.

Taikan will jump to the main aggro holder (AOE damage) once, then perform some normal attacks.

Corrupted Water (Mode 2)

At 80% HP, Taikan will grow golden spike all over his body and similarly throw a blob of corrupted water. However, in this Mode 2, he will jump towards the main aggro holder 3 times (AOE damage)

After that, Taikan will jump away and throw 4 x projectiles at the party. Subsequently, he will charge towards the main aggro holder. Blocking the charge will grant the whole party a Max HP increase buff.

However, you cannot heal with potion under this buff but you can use HP healing skills to recover HP.

There are 2 scenarios after the charging attack.
Scenario 1: Water Spray on main aggro holder, linear frontal AOE, knockback, high damage. After that, he will glow green and recover HP. You can CC him at this point to prevent him from recovering HP.

Scenario 2: Glow green to recover HP. You can CC him at this point to prevent him from recovering HP. If his HP is above 75%, he will use Water Spray on the main aggro holder.
Charged Burst

At 75% HP, he will jump to the middle of the field, and charge up before releasing a whole field AOE burst. You can resist the damage with i-frame skills.

In summary, for 4-man, the HP-triggered special attack sequence is:
90% HP : Corrupted Water (Mode 1)
80% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)
75% HP: Charged Burst

70% HP : Corrupted Water (Mode 1)
60% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)
50% HP: Charged Burst

40% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)
30% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)
20% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)
10% HP: Corrupted Water (Mode 2)

For 6.man, the first Corrupted Water (Mode 2) occurs at 80% HP instead. The Corrupted Water (Mode 2) is not followed up by Water Spray and Green Glow HP recovery.
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