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Avalanche Den Yeti guide

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Angler Yeti commonly called Yeti is the final and only boss in Avalanche Den , this encounter can be done in 6 man or 4 man, all mechanics are the same on both, the only difference as it is in most blade and soul dungeons, 4 man has some restrictions, there is no red warning for the attack range of the boss , no Dragonblood available and attacks hit harder. In return you have a chance to get better loot for your troubles.

Yeti Mechanics

The yeti encounter is divided into two phases.
  1. Heat phase - starts when the boss is engaged
  2. Cold phase - starts when the boss reaches 40%
There are some attacks that are repeated all through the encounter:
  • Small semi circle attack - two hits [blockable]
  • Wide semi circle attack - slow windup but deals a lot of damage and stuns [blockable]
  • Small circle attack 1 - yeti jumps in the air with a fast animation deals knockdown if hits [Unblockable]
  • Small circle attack 2 - yeti takes a few steps back and jumps to the tank deals knockdown on hit [Unblockable]

Heat phase

When the boss reaches 90% / 70% / 50% he will jump to the middle of the arena and start absorbing the surrounding heat pulling everyone to him and stunning at the end inflincting a debuff on the party called Hypothermia which slows movement speed and will freeze you in 20 seconds.
He will then try to grab the tank and throw him with a buff called Heat which increases attack power and also clears the Hypothermia debuff of surrounding players.
After 20 seconds he will do a big jump which will shatter anyone that is frozen instakilling them.
After the jump a geiser spawns giving Heat to players near it clearing Hypothermia and giving you a attack power bonus , note that the buff stacks 5 times.
Thats the whole basis of the heat phase, now we have two strategies we can go.
First Strategy
The Tank Grab strategy, when the yeti pulls everyone the tank must stay in range to get grabbed, which is very simple to do just don't iframe or tab the stun.
After the tank gets thrown he should stay in place for a while so that everyone in the party can get rid of the Hypothermia
Second Strategy
The CC (Crowd Control) strategy, a much more popular strategy because the party gets a lot more time to do damage and also has access to the Heat party buff faster.
In this strategy it doesnt realy matter if the tank gets grabbed or not, however. After he tries to grab the tank he will jump to him after the jump animation is done he will be open to cc, stun or daze him preferably, knockdown also works but he will get up right after doing a nasty getting up attack. After the cc is over he will do his big aoe attack that you must iframe.
Important! Don't use any grabs or knockups or the time for your debuff will be over and you will be frozen once he does the jump

Cold phase

When the 40% is reached the Yeti will enter the Cold phase, jumping to middle of the arena and instead of absorbing Heat he will absorb the Cold it will no longer pull and stun everyone but will absorb all the Frozen Cruxes on the ground.
The very first time he jumps after entering the Cold phase he will do a big pound on the ground freezing everyone, you must iframe this one because right after he will do his big jump aoe killing anyone frozen.

After the first jump he will begin the rotation for the rest of the encounter by summoning white spots on the ground called Frozen Cruxes which will freeze you in place if you step on them.

At 30% and then randomly for the rest of the fight he will jump to the middle and start absorbing the Frozen Cruxes , for each one he absorbs he will do an additional faster pound after the initial one, this will also freeze you. If he absorbs all of them it most likely means a wipe in 4man and a lot of Dragonblood gone in 6 man, unless you have a capable Force Master that can save the party by shielding everyone before they are frozen.

If you don't have a Force Master , to counter this mechanic you have to kill the Ice Vipercaps which will drop a fire orb, that you will have to aim at the Frozen Cruxes to clear them.

Very Important! The first time he summons the Frozen Cruxes if he already reached the 30% mark,it will trigger him to jump to the middle absorbing the Frozen Cruxes right after the summon giving no time to clear them, most likely meaning a wipe . Its very important to stop dps when close to 30% so you can have time to clear the Frozen Cruxes .

Loot Rewards

6 man loot

4 man loot

Has the same loot table that the 4 man version has but with some exclusives.
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