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Sundered Nexus Guide

The first room of Sundered Nexus consists of a group of soldiers sitting down in a circle. Each soldier has a number on his head. You can pick up the bomb and throw at one of them. They will have one of the 3 response:
a) Fall Down: this means that you will need to throw the bomb another soldier with a smaller number on his head
b) Fly Up: this means that you will need to throw the bomb another soldier with a larger number on his head
c) Bingo: if you throw the bomb at the correct soldier, the mini-boss will be awakened.

The path leading up to the 1st boss of Sundered Nexus is pretty straight forward and will not be described here.

Stage 1 Boss

The 1st boss battle for Sundered Nexus can be divided into 2 major modes: normal mode and recharging mode.

Normal Mode Skill Description

1. Normal attack: frontal normal attack

2. Drill Punch: Frontal punch indicated by a rectangular AOE indicator, induce bleed status

3. Triple Jump: Jump 3 times, circular AOE, the 3rd time induce knockdown with larger AOE.

4. Frontal Charge: Extend his arm to the front (no rectangular AOE indicator) and charge towards the aggro holder, inducing knockdown. Block to stun it then destroyer/lyn blade can lift him up.

5. Disc Throw: throw 4 discs at random targets, induce knockdown; can be negated with ranged protection skill

6. Bomb Throw: throw bomb at aggro holder.

Normal Mode Attack Pattern

Normal Attack > Drill Punch > Triple Jump > Normal Attack > Drill Punch > Frontal Charge (block him to stun and lift him up)

The boss will use Disc Throw sometimes, after the Triple Jump.

If the party fail to block his Frontal Charge, he will charge toward the wall, and start using Disc Throw and Bomb Throw.

Recharging Mode Skill Description

Eventually, he will go into Recharging Mode (you will hear an alarm). He is immune to damage while in Recharging Mode. The boss will start spinning and throw 2 large discs at random targets. The discs will bounce off wall and travel around the room; induce bleed upon contact.

One must stop the disc by blocking/countering it. Therefore, all party members should gather behind the blocker (mark him).

After that, the boss will jump to the middle of the room and try to recharging his energy. To stop him from recharging, the party must disable/cc him according to the color of his aura.

Red = Double Daze
Green = Double Knockdown
Blue = Double Stun

The order of aura color is random, but each color will only appear once. Just make sure your party has sufficient CC for this phase. Take note that the circular zone around him deal damage to you.

After the 3 rounds of color change, he will deal a burst damage to surrounding circular AOE. If you party manage to disrupt all the 3 color correctly, he will be weakened for 20sec or so, while a blue zone is generated around him. The zone give you constant Focus recovery.

DO NOT try to seize, grab, throw, or disable the boss while he is in that weaken state; or else it will wake him up. Just deal damage as much as possible. Destroyer or Lyn Blade Master can grab him when he is about to wake up (~20sec) for more damage.

If you fail to CC him correctly, he will deal huge damage and gain a 90% damage reduction shield. You will deal very low damage to him until you manage to cc him correctly in his next recharging.

He will repeat his Normal Mode after the Recharging Mode.

Path Selection at Stage 2

There are many paths leading to the boss room at the middle. The shortest path is the east path at the 1st junction. The door at each junction opens randomly.

Doing it the long way has not much benefit (since the drop is very bad) except that you will get an achievement if you manage to use the longest path.

Steps to Get Shortest Path

1. A members picks up a gun; there are 4 colors to choose from; normally i will use the lightning gun.

2. Pull the lever (consume 1 silverfrost key) and 1 random boss will be summoned in the room. Each gun corresponds to a boss. The correct gun will 1-hit KO the boss and the door will open, either heading south (long path) or heading east (shortcut). If you are using the Lightning Gun, just pull the lever repeatedly until you see the Lightning Fish Boss.

3. Repeat step 1 to 2 again if you did not get the shortest path.

Stage 2 Boss: Be Ido

The second boss of Sundered Nexus is the clown from Naryu Labyrinth, Be Ido sitting on a machine. The battle is split into 3 modes: UFO mode, Drilling Machine Mode, Human Mode. The UFO and human mode are very easy; will not be explained here.

Normal Attack Skill Description

The boss will start off the battle with some simple attacks.

1. Frontal Swing : semi circular frontal AOE

2. Laser beam: frontal linear range

3. Spinning Attack: circular AOE, can be disabled.

4. Jump Attack: only aimed at ranged target

5. Multi-Stab: Frontal rectangular AOE.

Missile Launching

fter 90% HP, he will launch 6 missiles, aiming at the further character from him.

The aimed person is supposed to move towards the boss and make sure that the missiles DO NOT overlap exactly with one another. If the missiles lands at the same spot, it will trigger party wipe. Preferably, one should walk backwards (or slowly) such that the missiles drop at close proximity at each other (to explain later).

After the missile launch, he will charge toward the aggro holder. One can use block/counter to stun him and lift it up. In the meantime, the other party members should destroy the missiles ASAP.

After destroying the missiles, blue zones will be generated on the ground. When the boss is in the blue zone, the party members will be granted a 10sec buff which increases crit damage by 100%. That’s why the person luring the missiles is required to run towards the boss.

When the boss HP is low, he will gain “overdrive” status with damage reduction up to 90%. Putting the boss in the blue zone also dispel the damage reduction status and allow the party to deal more damage.

Summon Charging Machines

After that, the boss will follow up with a few Quake Attack, which has large circular AOE (induce knockdown). It can be disabled anytime during the attacks. However, try not to use knockdown on it (unless you are planning to lift it) since its wake up attack will knockdown surrounding members.

Anytime during the quake attack, he will summon 4 Charging Machines at the edges of the room. The machines will move towards the boss and eventually launch towards the ceiling and transfer energy to the boss. If 5 machines successfully transfer energy to the boss, it will cause a major earth quake and cause team wipe.

To prevent this from happening, just allow the boss to use his own quake attack to destroy the machines. So do NOT disable the boss during his Quake Attack if you see the floor grows red, a sign that the 5 machines are summoned.

Take note that if there are any remaining missiles on the field when he use Quake, it will cause a major earth quake and cause team wipe. Therefore, it is advisable to at disable the 1st few Quake; since the 1st few Quake attack has small AOE and will not hit the charging machine anyway.

Triple Stomp

After finishing his quake attack, if the boss hp is < 50%, he will transform his robot and use triple stomp. The damage is very high and each hit induce knockdown. Damage resist skills for party should be used here, such as force master freeze, summoner’s dandelion, blade master’s sword protection etc.

These attack pattern are repeated until the boss is dead.
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