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Gloomdross Incursion Guide

Phase 1 – Defend Orb

The 1st and 2nd phases are pretty similar to Awakened Necropolis, whereby players are required to defend the NPC’s who are protecting the orb.

Normally the party can be divided into 2 teams: 1 team stays to defend the orb from incoming enemies, while the other team goes out to rescue more NPC’s to aid them in the defence.

There are 3 types of NPC out there: Force Master, Gunner and Archer. Just go to the marked locations in the mini map and kill the mobs there.

After that, press F to pick up the NPC and run back to the 1st Orb and place them down in appropriate locations. Take note that if you are hit while carrying the NPC back, you will go into battle stance and drop the NPC.

Upon placing 3 (max 6) NPC’s of the same type around the orb, the boss NPC will be summoned to aid you.

Phase 2 – Defend Orb

Phase 2 is similar to Phase 1. Some Fat Bombers, which come in small, medium and large size, will come charging at the Orb. They are immune to all sort of CC and slow effect.

Kill surrounding spiders to get the Sticky Sphere and throw it at the Fat Bomber to bind it down for 15sec. Kill it quickly while it is binded.

Phase 3 – Final Boss: Dark Lord

After defending the 2 orbs, the final boss of Gloomdross Incursion (Dark Lord) will be awakened.

Normal Attack (not in order)

a. Left/Right Punch (can be disabled)
b Breath; frontal 3 hits
c. Spinning Attack; 360 degree 2 hits.
d. Dark sphere; will throw to far away target.

After reaching ~85% HP, he will use a set of special skills:

1. Summon Binding Seed + Zombie
2. Triple Stomp (can be disabled)
3. Summon Binding Seed + Zombie
4. Triple Stomp (can be disabled)
5. Laser Beam x 3
6. Roar (HP Absorb)
The boss might use normal attack or jump to a far away target in between the skill sequence.

Summon Binding Seed + Zombie

During the battle, the boss will summon Binding Seeds on the field. After that, some zombie adds will spawn at the edge of the field and start running towards the Dark Emperor. The zombies will heal the boss (~1mil HP) upon contact.

Triple Stomp

After the Seed summoning, the boss will do a triple stomp attack, which should be disabled. Destroyers or Lyn Blade Masters should lift it to the appropriate location.

The party must make sure that the boss is BEHIND the Seed so that the zombies will run into the Seed and get binded.
However, the other party members must cooperate by moving behind the seed as well, or else the boss will jump away to the further member from it, away from the seed.

Take note that the Binding Seeds also bind players. Try not to step on it.

Laser Beam x 3
Eventually, the boss will roar and summon 3 orbs on top of his head, before jumping to the middle of the field. After landing, he will mark the further member in the party and shoot a laser beam at him. The marked member must align itself in the direction of the seed so that the laser beam will destroy the binded zombies + seed.

He will do this up to 3 times in a row. You will need to destroy the 2 binded groups of zombies this way.



Whole field AOE; induce knockdown. If you fail to destroy the zombies, the boss will absorb their HP through this Roar.
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