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Change Log:

Database progress is at around 96% with the current patch.
Sorry the updates have been slow, but items should be added at an increased rate now.
Stay tunned for more.

  • 07-08-2016 - The guide system is finally out, you can now write guides to share with the Bns community with the help of the new BBcode which you can use also on comments. The tool is still in BETA so if you find any bug, please report it on the feedback section.

  • 27-07-2016 - Quest description and objectives added, only daily quests at the moment, main quests may be added later.

  • 26-07-2016 - Search system improved and layout changed in preparation for the quests system that will be added soon

  • 21-07-2016 - Zen Bean Trader Added
    Professions material costs updated to the last patch.

  • 17-07-2016 - Shadows of the Innocents new dungeons and fields added. Namely The Shattered Masts, Gloomdross Incursion and Twisted Grimhorn Wilds

  • 15-07-2016 - Comment system improved a lot, with a working upvote system to help sort out the good and helpful comments.

  • 14-07-2016 - Screenshot system improved, should be better to post and view.

  • 13-07-2016 - Dragon Express General Shop added.
    Achievement Vendor added.
    Minor bug fixes.

  • 12-07-2016 - Daily Challenge Shop added

  • 11-07-2016 - Summer Event Shop added

  • 10-07-2016 - Faction Ranks added, more vendors and dailies added.
    A few bug fixes.

  • 07-07-2016 - All available Weapon upgrades added with respetive upgrade cost (thanks to reddit Blueemperor for the help) along with all the upcoming weapons needed for upgrades.
    Soul upgrade path added.

  • 24-06-2016 - All available Soul Badges added with respective trader

  • 20-06-2016 - Mushin's Tower F1-F15 added with all its Soul Shields

  • 19-06-2016 - All the currently available lvl 50 Soul Shields added
    All lvl 50 dungeons and fields added, loot is not complete however, Nexus mostly.

  • 16-06-2016 - More Soul Shield Sets added and layout for them improved a bit.
    All Faction Quests added. More dailies added.

  • 10-06-2016 - Name and Domain Changed to better show what the site is about

  • 09-06-2016 - More layout improvements
    Most faction dailies added.
    Many of the other dailies added.
    Full quest info and guide will be added at a later date.

  • 05-06-2016 - Layout overhault and performance improvement.
    Lots of bug fixes.
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